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What Are Some Of The Benefits of SSL?

Encryption (Data Security)

  • Protects Sensitive Information
  • Helps prevent identity theft, fraud, data tampering, and phishing
  • Minimizes risk to you and to your visitors and customers

Data Integrity

  • Your visitors can be confident that any information or data that they send or receive is exactly what was sent. They can rest assured that no one is able to hijack the information en route and modify it before it arrives.

Enables Your Mobile Site to Load Lightning Fast

Your mobile pages will load almost instantly via AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology. AMP technology is dependent on having an SSL Certificate.

Since load time is an important ranking factor for Google, blazing fast load times will give your mobile site a big boost in ranking.

Provides Authentication

  • Because your SSL Certificate is specific to your domain and contains information associated directly with your domain, your visitors can be confident that you are who you say you are, and not an impostor pretending to be you in order to steal their confidential information.

Look More Professional

  • Most professional websites have already implemented SSL on their website. Adding an SSL Certificate to your website automatically associates you with business professionals and gives you much more credibilty as a business.

Allows You to Take Payments

SSL allows you to take payments and accept credit card information.

Since SSL is mandated by the payment card industry, this gives you a big advantage over your competitors who do not have SSL

HTTP is Becoming a Thing of the Past

Google Chrome to mark all HTTP pages “Not Secure” starting July 24th

The web browsers want the entire internet encrypted immediately. And they’re using a number of initiatives to accomplish that. Back in February of 2016, when this push began, just 3% of the internet was encrypted (per a Netcraft report). Today, Google measures encrypted traffic at around 80%. That’s serious progress, but still a long way from complete encryption.

So hurry, starting July 24th, 2018 Google Chrome is showing a “Not Secure” warning on all HTTP webpages.

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